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starting off with a live look at the washington monument on tuesday, jewel 5th. - - july 5th. thank you for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. tucker barnes is joining us with the weather. >> let me show you what is going on out there. we have mild temperatures at
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least here in the city. doing a little better this morning. 66 in frederick. 64 in winchester. ocean steerks 77 degrees. more of the same expected. -- ocean city, 77 degrees. we've taken the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm out of the forecast at lost temporarily. i think it will return tomorrow but generally speaking, the showers and thunderstorms should be to our south today. speaking of showers, we have a few on the radar. we'll take a look at the five- day forecast in just a minute. back to you. hundreds of thousands of wowed by the national fireworks. getting homes with a bit tricky. metro says nearly 490,000 passengers rode the rails as of 11:00 p.m. last night. not all sways smooth sailing up
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in baltimore. a 4-year-old boy was shot in the leg as he was leaving the inner harbor with his parents around 10:00 that night. he was taken to johns hopkins children's center and was last listed in stable condition. a man was stabbed outside the mccormick and schmick's and he late are died. thousands of people in northern virginia will again wake up with no power today b 400 cut mrs without power in northern virginia. -- customers without power in northern virginia. the mexican navy plans to exend the search for seven american tourists missing after their boat capsized.
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boat was carrying 7 americans 7 -- 27 americans. a much better time on the water for the duke and duchess of cambridge as they continue their canadian tour. we have a report. >> reporter: prince william outmatches his bride on their first official overseas trip since the big we hadding in april. this after the two teamed one local athletes in a friendly boat race just off prince edward island in canada. his royal highness was in the center of his team's boat rowing. the duchess of cambridge sat in the back it steer her team's vessel. william's team won but the prince consoled kate with a hug. the couple watched a band perform earlier in the day. prince william landed his military helicopter there. he pulled it off without a
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hitch. the water landing was his first attempt. as kate greeted fans in quebec city, one fan wished her well in starting a family. kate has not spoken publicly about having children but she was overheard saying yes, i hope to. >> there is plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news starts right now. it was just a little while ago that there was a big
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celebration in d.c. skies were lit up with the spectacular fireworks display. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to check in with tucker barnes. great call on the forecast yesterday. >> thank you. >> you are an expert so we expect that. >> i know, you expect nothing less of me. it was hot and humid out there. i spent some time outdoors. barbecuing went well for you? >> it was good. >> we'll have details about that coming up. showers here linger off to the south and east of us. here in washington, i think we're done. some of the viewers in southern maryland and lower eastern shore, not quite done there. i want to tall it a bright and sunny day -- i want to call it
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a bright and sunny day. temperatures, 75 at reagan national. bwi marshall, 72 degrees. just not cooling off a whole lot. corks heat later today and -- heat later today and humidity. >> let's check in on the roads with lauren demarco. >> things are a little lighter this morning because we don't have that construction. the hot lanes project and things we typically deal with on week day mornings. that is good news. 270, 66, 95 running well.
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very smooth trip on the inner and outer loop. here we are 395, things looking good as you head up from the beltway across the 14th street bridge into the district. 95 northbound at aquia harbor, we do have reports of a disabled volume so watch for that. a car slams into a home in montgomery county. take a look. we are talking about serious damage here ain't young woman is now under arrest because of this. fox 5's sarah simmons is live in aspen hill with the story. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: of this was just before 12:30 last night at parkland drive and aspen hill road. the family, from what we understand in talking with this group, is not going to be allowed in here for the
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foreseeable future. the car went right inside the house here. it was about 12:30 that the vehicle was driving down aspen hill road, hit a couple of parked cars before it came up a hill and landed into the house. take a listen to what the officer had to say. >> officers conducted their investigation, located the vehicle driver, approximately 22-year-old white female. they determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and since arrested her for that. >> reporter: the investigation is going to continue at this time and the clean-up as well. we need to let you know there were three people, a family of three inside of this home when the car came tearing through. one person was taken to the hospital in good condition. i spoke with her a short time ago. she is here on the scene. we hope to hear more from her later on. she told me that the car came this close to her as she was laying on the couch inside of her living room.
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back to you. >> thank you. residents in arlington, virginia are still in clean-up mode following sunday night's violent storm. a slew of trees and power lines were knocked down. winds were estimated at 60 to 70 miles per hour during the storm in arlington. we know more this morning about the bicyclist killed in sunday night's storms. he was riding his bike on the c&o canal tow path. he was need as neil reich of forest hills, new york. the continuous debate on the debt ceiling picks back up this morning. house had always been scheduled to work this week and the senate canceled its recess so lawmakers could be back on the hill today. republicans leave far apart from the democrats on raising the debt limit. the obama administration says it must be raise bid august #nd
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or the u.s. will begin to default on its debts. the republicans wanted deep spending cuts to go along with any debt ceiling increase. also in politics today, the bridge county council will meet behind closed doors to talk about what to do with their colleague, leslie johnson. she pleaded guilty last week in the corruption scandal that also brought down her husband, jack johnson. so far, she says she won't resign her seat on the council. she is set to be sentenced in october. jurors into the casey anthony murder trial will resume deliberations this morning after almost six hours yesterday. the seven women and five men failed to reach a verdict. phil keating has more. >> reporter: jurors in the casey anthony murder trial wrap up that you are first day of deliberations after the prosecution concluded its rebuttal. the fate of the florida woman
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accused of murdering her 2-year- old daughter caylee is now in their hands. the judge called the jurors in at 6:00 p.m. for a few more instructions before excusing them for the night. >> you are not permitted to discuss this case among yourselves while you were separated from this courthouse. do not discuss this case with anyone else. and please remember all of the things i told you about e- mails, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: anthony is charged with first degree murder of her daughter and could face the death penalty if convicted. she sat stone-faced earlier today as the judge instructed jurors how to proceed in the deliberation. he gave jurors the option of finding andthony guilty of a lesser time -- anthony guilty of a lesser crime. >> therefore f you decide that the main accusation has not
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been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, you will decide if the defendant is guilty of any lesser included crime. >> reporter: she also faces charges of ago vietd child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four charges of lying. -- aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four charges of lying. they will return here in the morning and the judge will give everybody 30 minutes warning before the verdict is read in court. what could be a new assault case against dominique strauss- kahn. a fourth of july fishing trip turns into a disaster as
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making headlines this morning, a french writer plans to file a legal complaint accusing dominique strauss-kahn of raping her back in 2002. the woman says the former head of the international monetary fund attacked her when she went to interview him in paris. her lawyer says she already discussed the incident publicly. strauss-kahn is currently charged with sexual salt against a manhattan hotel housekeeper. prosecutors reveal late last week that the woman's credibility may be in question. strauss-kahn was freed on bail but the charges have not been dropped. form major league baseball pitcher, roger college epps is expected in federal court for allegedly lying to congress. he is accused of using performance enhancing drugs and lying about it in a congressional investigation in 2008. several well-known athletes are on the witness list. retired nfl players feel they are being left out of the picture in the ongoing bat that
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would has let to the nfl lockout. a group. retired players on monday filed a class action lawsuit against nfl openers and current players. they claim they've been excluded from the mediation sessions taking place in the effort to end the lockout. they want the judge to declare that current players cannot negotiate on their behalf. the next presidential elect is 17 months away but already president obama picks up a big endorsement. we'll find out what happened at the annual fourth of july hot dog eating contest. i'll have details on the weather and lauren demarco is in with details on your on-time traffic coming up after the break. lysol knows when the weather is at its best allergy season is at its worst.
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so it's a good thing our new air wick odor detect senses thousands of odors. and automatically releases a burst of freshness... that everyone can enjoy. take his fifth title. >> joey chestnut once again took coney island by storm winning the fourth of july nathan's hot dog eating contest for the fifth year running. competitive eater scarfed down 62 hot dogs with buns in 10
4:45 am
minutes. sonia the black widow thomas was victorious in the women's competition. every time i see her, i think about you and the wings. >> yeah, she had like 20 and i had four. >> that was in how much time? >> a couple of minutes. >> that was in studio. it is always amazing to me. just watch this. this is not even an art form. >> listen, wisdom. here is the deal . they were playing this live on espn yesterday. it was like a sporting event that is what your barbecue looked like yesterday afternoon. >> something like that. it wasn't as much and it probably wasn't as tasty. what is going on with the weather? >> not sure that was tasty. our forecast getting bet ferreira here. we had rain showers that developed late yesterday. generally speaking, they stayed just far enough south of the city that they didn't impact the fireworks. but we've got a couple of
4:46 am
showers lingering at the moment. here is your forecast. highs in the upper 80s and low 90s over the next couple of days. plenty of humidity and the threat of an afternoon evening shower or thunderstorm. not so much today. as we get back into tomorrow, the thunderstorms will be back. 75 right now at reagan national. we are holding onto that heat once again this morning in the city. 72 in leonardtown. we are starting to get reports of some pretty good fog out there this morning so you wanted to be careful of that. you can see the shower activity. you can seat showers and even a rumble of thunder fading off. the good news is we'll be in
4:47 am
for a relatively quiet day. frontal system we mentioned yesterday is just a little bit further south today but it will start to push back on top of us during the day tomorrow. so a day of transition i guess we'll call it. still going to be warm and humid out there. mostly sunny, warm, humid, 90 degrees your daytime high. winds out of the north at five to 10. partly cloudy, warm overnight. 74 your overnight low. there are your winds out of the south at five to 10. 88 tomorrow with afternoon thunderstorms returning. thursday too. friday and saturday, kind of typical july weather, highs in the upper 80s with some humidity and some sunshine. let's -- that's a look at your weather forecast. let's get to lauren demarco
4:48 am
with the traffic. >> we do have the closure because of sunday night's storms in arlington as you head northbound, north glebe road between 33rd and 36th street. to the left of your screen is the southbound lanes as they travel down towards college park. no real problems for you there. 95 in virginia, if we take a look at trafficland, also running pretty smoothly. no problems to report on 395. 66 running well as is 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a near tragedy on july 4th in germantown. police say a man was playing with a remote control boat in gunner's lake around 7:00 last night. boat stalled. the man went into get it but
4:49 am
couldn't make it back to shore. he was rescued and taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. a 6-year-old fell into the marina eight yesterday morning. he was rushed to the hospital but later died. the chances of survival are grim at best for seven americans. they are missing since the boat they were in sunk suddenly sunday in mexico's gulf of california. one fisherman died. 19 tourists and 1 crew members survived. fox's steve rapoport has the latest. >> reporter: this is an annual fourth of july week-long trip for many of the 27 who ventured into the gulf of california saturday. their 115-foot boat was about 60 miles south of the port of san felipe when it hit an electrical storm. >> at about 2:30 on the 3rd of july, opinions were awakened by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the
4:50 am
ship was sinking. extremely large winds and water contributed to the dangerous conditions most likely caused the ship to take on water and civic. >> nineteen tourists and all 16 crew members clung to coolers for hours before being rescued. >> passengers were in the water for over 16 hours. eventually, they were rescued by local fishermen and the military. >> reporter: jan askew got a call from her husband. >> i asked him how he was doing. he said he was okay but that the boat had sunk. they had to jump off the boat and take life jackets and that some people had made it to shore and some had not. >> reporter: survivors were taken to a local clinic and then to hotels. all are in good condition with only minor injuries. those still in the water are enduring 20 knot winds and six foot swells making survival difficult. >> whether or not they had life jackets on when they went into the water, if they had any kind
4:51 am
of survival gear, if they could float on something or if they could stay together as a group, that would increase their chances of survival. >> reporter: later this morning, mexican officials and the u.s. coast guard will determine whether they will continue looking for possible survivors or if it is time to call off the search. >> the accident occurred early sunday morning but one mexican navy officer says it could be possible that the missing are still alive. the secret service is now involved in investigating a hack attack on a fox news twitter account. fox's political twitter account began tweeting early yesterday that president obama had been assassinated. of course, that was not true. fox news, which is owned by the same parent company as fox 5, has called the hacking malicious and false. the company has requested an investigation from twitter. the presidential election is not for another 17 months but already president obama has picked up a big endorsement. the national education
4:52 am
association, country's largest teachers union, says it is backing mr. obama's 2012 re- election bid. the n he want a members voted on the endorsement at their annual convention monday despite many teachers disagreeing with the federal education policy. president obama marked the july 4th holiday by hosting a celebration at the white house. the first family welcomed more than 1200 mull triservice members and their families. they enjoyed a barbecue and concert on the south lawn. the president took time out to reflect on the meaning of independence day. >> in many ways, i think that that small band of patriots who signed their names to the declaration of independence and risked their lives for freedom might be surprised to see their legacy all these years later. a nation that has led refuse lieutenant governors in commerce, that sent a man to the moon, that lifted up the poor, that cured the sick, a
4:53 am
nation that fought for democracy and served as a beacon of hope around the world. >> this is the third year the first family has celebrated july 4th with service members and their families. speaking of celebrations, there was also a birthday celebration at the white house on the 4th. malia turned 13. during a recent interview, the president joked that he doesn't expect any mayhem for the next four to five years but understand that being a teen is complicated. there is excitement about mrs. obama coming to nationals park tonight. straight ahead, more on her role in the game plus a different kind of excitement for the nats. only this accident happening up in harrisburg. we've got the details on a big debut coming up. we'll be right back. take the finish challenge. i'm robin sue joss and my website is big red kitchen. i do believe in standards. cascade gel was a disappointment because you have dried on food stains. but when i took the finish challenge i realized, i don't need to settle. i like to make roast beef and it leaves a lot of baked on grease.
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my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. allergy season is at its worst. inside your home allergens can be found on everyday hard surfaces. lysol disinfecting wipes remove more than 95% of allergens. and lysol disinfectant spray kills the source of mold allergens. so from pollen particles to pet dander... lysol does more to help your family during allergy season. lysol, the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. the first lady will be at
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nationals ballpark tonight to honor military families when the team takes the cubs. the team dedicated july 5th to the programs of mrs. obama. top of the 4th, that is a former nat. you may recognize him. alfonso soriano hits a routine fly south but it drops to score two runs and give the cubs the lead. d.c. would rally to send it to extra innings. in the tenth, worth steals a bess and scores and the nats win 5-4. manager davey johnson says he is pleased with the comeback. >> with gave them two runs and we battled back that.
4:57 am
should have never happened. we bounded back and won the ball game so it was a big team victory. >> that guy right there, that is 18-year-old bryce harper, last year's top draft pick who went to the nationals. big things expected out of him. last night, he took the field for the first time in aa ball. he connects on a base hit to left. if his second at batted, hits a lazy foul pop for an out but he ended up going two for three with a walk and a run scored in the senators' 8-1 win over erie. the 2011 season of tennis starts tonight with the washington castles taking on kansas city. venus william will be play for the castles in tonight's match. as americans celebrate the fourth of july all over the u.s., there was quite a ceremony in london to honor a former american president. a new statue of ronald reagan
4:58 am
was unveiled on the 4th. fox's greg palcott has the story. >> reporter: americans celebrating independence day in london's grosvenor square. a 10-foot bronze statue of ronald reagan now adorns this park. condoleezza rice saws reagan would have a hard time imagining -- >> a europe, whole, free and at peace, a europe in which we enjoy friendship and alliance with the former captive states in the trans-atlantic alliance called nato. >> reporter: british form secretary william haig joining rice in the unveiling ceremonies. >> we can be proud about what this statue says about britain and america. it reminds us of a period of extraordinary achievement and
4:59 am
hope in world affairs after a time of darkness and danger. it celebrates the life of an exceptional and gifted american president. ments a fitting tribute to honor the truest friend that britain has ever had. the statue was commissioned by the reagan memorial fund trust t joins statues here in grosvenor park. plenty more ahead. weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. what a night it was last night. a star spangled celebration in the nation's capital. the amazing fireworks display delighting the hundred of thousands of folks who came down to gather on the national mall for america's 235th birthday. good morning. thank you for being with us early

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